Gluten-free for the month of May

Some of you may remember “Gluten-free Monday,” a period of my blogging life when I abstained from gluten every Monday to further understand what my house mates who cannot eat gluten go through everyday. Well, I fell off that wagon pretty hard. Also, avoiding gluten for one day a week helped me to better cook for my house mates but didn’t really show me how is feels to be gluten-free. So, for the month of May I am giving up gluten, cold turkey. Some of you may be wondering what gluten is exactly. It is a protein found in grass grains, like wheat and barley. What does gluten do? Well, think about the texture of really yummy bakery bread, it is full of air pockets, and has a lovely chewiness. That is the work of gluten. It binds things together. Like corn, gluten, especially wheat gluten, is in just about everything, even things you wouldn’t expect, like soy sauce, for example.  Corn,  rice, and buckwheat, are all gluten-free and can be made into flour, these will be the backbone of my gluten-free experiment. Ready-made gluten-free products exist but they are very expensive, so making more food yourself is really the only way to be gluten-free on a budget. Here are some ideas I am kicking around, chocolate pumpkin cake (the pumpkin will help with the binding) learning to make tortillas and other flat breads. Please help my with ideas!


One Response to “Gluten-free for the month of May”

  1. Sarah Dee Says:

    Alia! Your challenge is a cheap/simple GF TOAST SOLUTION!
    (I know a GF lady who fries masa harina in patties in the morning as her cheap/easy response to GF toast cravings)

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