The Disaster that never ends

So I was with a friend at his house trying to make muffins. He had mentioned the last time he tried to make muffins he had to bake them a ridiculously long time. Then I asked if he had a muffin tin. No, so we looked around for the house’s glass baking dish. No where to be found. I later discoverd that the people from his campus that come by to straighten up on tuesdays put any dirty dishes left on the counter in this cardboard box on the kitchen floor. But back to the story, we ended up using a bread pan. We baked and baked and baked our muffin loaf. Then we had to go out. So we turned the oven off and went about out business and resumed baking upon our return.  So the muffin loaf baked for about 4 hours. It was completely burnt on the outside and gooey on the inside. I was ready to give up, but Tim wouldn’t accept that our muffins were a failure. He said something to the effect of “I’m not wasting all those resources!” Then we came up with the idea to make bread pudding and use a friend’s oven this time. We waited a fews days to let the muffin loaf gushy insides dry out. Then a carved out the now dry and crumbly inside and discarded the burnt outside. I beat and egg with some milk, vanilla, and a touch of brown sugar and let the muffin loaf crumbles soak for about 30 minutes. Then we called our friend with the stove. And he totally flaked out! We found the glass pans and cleaned it. (It was gross and digusting) We used the stove, but we used a hot water bath and crossed our fingers. Thirty minutes later we had delicious bread pudding and it only took us 4 days.

Berry muffin bread pudding


One Response to “The Disaster that never ends”

  1. Sean Coder Says:

    admirable persistence, mis amigos!

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