How much does my coffee addiction affect my health?

I open a lot at the bookstore. I walk to work. It’s a 25 minute walk. I have to be there no later than 7:45 am. On these morning I go ahead and get up at 6:40 and grab breakfast at a coffee shop, since I am already getting up before sunrise what’s another ten minutes? This morning when I woke up I had an uncomfortable feeling in the right side of my abdomen. I ignored it, passed it off as my body protesting my sacrificing the potential for cool dreams in exchange for money.  Then  I started walking, and this pain started in my hip and worked its stinging way down my leg into my foot. I made it in to the coffee shop and sat down. A friend was there, and after explaining my situation she encouraged me not to go to work because something serious might be going on. After finishing my coffee I went to the bathroom and that is when I noticed that my right abdomen was swollen. I made it home and called my mom. We agreed that it might be better to see if I started developing other symptoms, like vomiting or fever, to see if we could rule out appendix problems. I tried to only drink water and lots of it, but my jar of organic coffee beans kept sweetly whispering my name. I had no energy, all I did all day was watch movies in my instant queue and avoid sitting in a way that put pressure on the knot near my ovary. My eyes were droopy and watery. I gave in. Now I sit here drinking my lovely cup of coffee with a bit of milk, and I am wondering, is coffee exacerbating my problem? Is coffee my problem??? I am wearing some whole in my intestines? Do any of you know? I can’t do internet medical research. It freaks me out, because then I come across conditions that are unrelated to my topic of interest and start thinking I have these things. And then I can’t sleep. Like when I see previews for horror movies on TV. I should probably just go to the doctor for this, but please, dear Universe, don’t take away my coffee.


2 Responses to “How much does my coffee addiction affect my health?”

  1. seany bear Says:

    kick the coffee dude! : )

  2. seany bear Says:

    oh, and feel better! are you okay?

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