The Date Shake

I love reading the New York Times dining section. I came across this recipe called the “California Date Shake.” How intruging! I cut it out and then filed it away in my recipe book. The word “file” probably creates a misleading picture of organization. While I like making lists and putting things in folders with cute labels, but that’s where it usually ends. I don’t follow through, I just gleefully sit in my large pile of semi-organized shit, removing countless little “TO DO” lists from the pockets of all my jackets and pants before  I can do any laundry. So, when I rediscovered the date shake I got really excited. I read through the recipe. Vanilla ice cream, milk, and chopped dates. Kinda boring. And that wouldn’t do. I had a project, I was doing things, making moves. Really, the recipe just needed more depth. I decide to add a shot of rose water. I blended about 10 chopped dates with a cup of milk and two tablespoons of rose water. Then add as much ice cream as you want to make as thick as you want!


One Response to “The Date Shake”

  1. This makes me want to swoon! I would love to try it with almond ice cream. The rose water was a stroke of pure organic genius!!

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