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Breakfast relearned: fried egg sandwich with honey mustard

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Fry an egg. Toast 2 slices of bread. For the honey mustard mix 3 parts yogurt and 1 part mustard with a teaspoon of honey. Spread the honey mustard on the toast. Put whatever you like on the sandwich. I put mixed greens, red onion, colby and sliced avocado. When you cut the sandwich in half the yolk oozes out. and you can dip your crusts in it. 


How much does my coffee addiction affect my health?

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I open a lot at the bookstore. I walk to work. It’s a 25 minute walk. I have to be there no later than 7:45 am. On these morning I go ahead and get up at 6:40 and grab breakfast at a coffee shop, since I am already getting up before sunrise what’s another ten minutes? This morning when I woke up I had an uncomfortable feeling in the right side of my abdomen. I ignored it, passed it off as my body protesting my sacrificing the potential for cool dreams in exchange for money.  Then  I started walking, and this pain started in my hip and worked its stinging way down my leg into my foot. I made it in to the coffee shop and sat down. A friend was there, and after explaining my situation she encouraged me not to go to work because something serious might be going on. After finishing my coffee I went to the bathroom and that is when I noticed that my right abdomen was swollen. I made it home and called my mom. We agreed that it might be better to see if I started developing other symptoms, like vomiting or fever, to see if we could rule out appendix problems. I tried to only drink water and lots of it, but my jar of organic coffee beans kept sweetly whispering my name. I had no energy, all I did all day was watch movies in my instant queue and avoid sitting in a way that put pressure on the knot near my ovary. My eyes were droopy and watery. I gave in. Now I sit here drinking my lovely cup of coffee with a bit of milk, and I am wondering, is coffee exacerbating my problem? Is coffee my problem??? I am wearing some whole in my intestines? Do any of you know? I can’t do internet medical research. It freaks me out, because then I come across conditions that are unrelated to my topic of interest and start thinking I have these things. And then I can’t sleep. Like when I see previews for horror movies on TV. I should probably just go to the doctor for this, but please, dear Universe, don’t take away my coffee.

When holidays attack…

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Four easy salads

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Smokey chick peas and spicy greens

Saute cooked chick peas in a skillet with cumin, garlic, and tumeric. Serve over spicy greens (some mixture that contains mustard greens, arugula, tatsoi, something with a kick!) and thinly sliced red onion.  Use whatever dressing you like, I used some leftover sour cream!

Potato beet salad with creamy chive dressing

Boil new potatoes and beets until fork soft. Thoroughly drain them and let cool. For the dressing, mix yogurt with a splash of lemon juice, dried or fresh chive, salt and pepper. Mix and eat.

Marinated brussel sprout and quinoa salad

Quarter 10-12 brussel sprouts. Grate half a large carrot. Mix with half a cup of cooked quinoa. For the dressing mix 1 part rice wine vinegar with 2 parts oil, add honey, chilli flakes, dried mint, salt and pepper. Mix all together and let it sit over night. Unfortunately, I have not picture of this of this one

Artichokes with Babette’s sauce

To steam an artichoke cook in two inches of water for about ten minutes until the leaves are tender. For Babette’s delicious sauce mixture balsamic vinegar with olive oil, salt, pepper, and a thinly sliced shallot. If you can’t find shallots, which is a common problem for me, substitute red onion. To eat the artichoke, pull off the leaves, dip in the sauce inner side down, and scrape the leaf along your bottom teeth. The tender artichoke flesh is delicious.

The Date Shake

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I love reading the New York Times dining section. I came across this recipe called the “California Date Shake.” How intruging! I cut it out and then filed it away in my recipe book. The word “file” probably creates a misleading picture of organization. While I like making lists and putting things in folders with cute labels, but that’s where it usually ends. I don’t follow through, I just gleefully sit in my large pile of semi-organized shit, removing countless little “TO DO” lists from the pockets of all my jackets and pants before  I can do any laundry. So, when I rediscovered the date shake I got really excited. I read through the recipe. Vanilla ice cream, milk, and chopped dates. Kinda boring. And that wouldn’t do. I had a project, I was doing things, making moves. Really, the recipe just needed more depth. I decide to add a shot of rose water. I blended about 10 chopped dates with a cup of milk and two tablespoons of rose water. Then add as much ice cream as you want to make as thick as you want!


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Ok, so I haven’t blogged in so long, because  I am an awful and lazy person. This is my shaming myself publicly in an effort to do better next time. I am sorry. Here are my fod related resolutions. 1) I WILL update this blog ATLEAST once a week. 2) I need to eat out less. 3) Like last year, eat a salad for lunch once a week.