Sweet potato crics with dried cherry sauce

If you read this blog often then you have probably seen the recipe for crics, you can find it by clicking on “older posts.” To remind you, they are yummy potato cakes that I learned to make with my french mom when I was in Lyon. I am not sure how Babette would feel about this version, but being a pretty out-going and artsy lady, I feel her love of creativity would at least equal her respect for tradition. The idea for this recipe comes from my recent thanksgiving brainstorming. I live in a house of vegans and I am not really a tofurky kind of girl. I made these crics using grated sweet potatoes because that is more like fall, and I used egg substitute. For the sauce, I soaked dried cherries in white wine for about 45 minutes to plump them up a bit. I like the deep flavor of dried fruits, there is again, an autumnal quality about it I love and felt appropriate. In a sauce pan I sauteed diced red onion in oil. Then I added the cherries, wine and a bit of salt, and let it simmer while I fried the crics. I made a quick simple salad and served the sauce over the crics.



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