Fun things to do with Root Vegetables: Carrot Puree

Winter is on out heels, my friends. This means my diet will consist mostly of rice, lentils, and root vegetables. This however does not have to be limiting. I have some ideas, brewing, and stewing, roasting, and boiling in my brain. Carrot puree is not my idea though, I first ate in France, where it played the role of mashed potatoes in my French family. Boil sliced carrots until fork soft. It’s best to use large real carrots. Puree in a blender, or mash with a potato masher, with a little of the cooking liquid. I added ground ginger, salt,  and garlic powder, but add what ever you like.

Carrot puree with a goat cheese and tatsoi quesadilla


2 Responses to “Fun things to do with Root Vegetables: Carrot Puree”

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