Zuchinni sandwich inspired by trendy new yorkers

Like some people might read a fashion magazine be be compelled to buy jeggings, I like to read the NYT dining section each Wednesday and look for wacky food trends. Lately I have noticed a lot of articles about the use of various asian barbeque methods being incorporated in American dishes. These creations are often coveted by the hipest of hip on both coasts. Like this article I read in late July, for example, about Korean barbeque taco truck sweeping the nation! They apparently missed the Mid-West. Last week I wandered around Chong’s oriental market on 7th street for an hour while it  rained outside. I bought a bottle of oyster sauce and a jar of garlic chili sauce. I sat them on the top of my bookshelf, my “pantry” for the time being. They sat there, gleaming with newness, beguiling me with there charms everytime I walked by and that was all I needed from them, like jeggings in the back of one’s closet. That was until I got stuck inside the Root Cellar due to yet another rainstorm. There was a lot of what we call “subprime” produce. I went home with quite the booty of summer fruits and vegetables. I mixed some of the chili garlic sauce with two more cloves of garlic I roasted in the oven, honey, and soy sauce. I halfed two zuchinni and cut them into thick slices and marinated them with my new, completely inauthentic concoction. I fried cooked the zuchinni steaks in a skillet over medium heat. Then my friend Noah came over. We made sandwiches. The zuchinni, sliced bell peppers and tomatoes, greens, mint and pepper jack cheese on toasted ciabatta. Yum.


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