La Tartine

A tartine is basically an open-faced sandwich, something I happen to love. When I was little my grandma would make us open-faced sandwiches made out of leftover roast. A thick slice of toasted white bread from her breadmaker (they were very a la mode at the time) piled high with mashed potatoes and roast and slathered in hot gravy.

At a little cafe close to my school we eat the french version. There are about 15 tartines on the menu, from cool chicken salad with spring vegetable, to a warm bree tartine with nuts and honey. In addition to the mainstays, there is a tartine du jour, which is usually what I order because it is always something quirky and wonderful.

My favorite thus far would have to be the ratatouille tartine with goat cheese and ham. I enjoyed because it was delicious, but also for it’s hearty grandma-like qualities.


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