A proper french breakfast

Friend at the train station

Every day I get up at 7:30, get dressed, have a quick breakfast with my French family accompanied by the morning news on the radio, and rush off to catch the 8:54 train into the city. A proper French breakfast consists 0f bread, toasted or natural, with butter or jam or both, and coffee. This is all according to my French mother Babette. She explains to me that bread is much more economical than the cornflakes her grandchildren now eat. My first official meal in France was a proper French breakfast. Babette and Alain do allow me a few American eccentricies, like orange juice, and milk in my coffee.

My train ride is beautiful. We leave from Lentilly and go passed pasture after pasture of horses and sheep, and the stray cats that amble along, enjoying the cool of the morning. We stop at little towns with names like Charbonniere-les-bains, La tour de Salvagny, and Ecully La-Demi-Lune, and while the suburbs get bigger and bigger as we go along, Lyon always appears suddenly, Poof! Right out of the trees. This is all very romatic and wonderful, but by the end of my train ride, as I am walking towards the metro, I am already a little hungry. By the time by classes start at 10:30 I am already thinking about what might be the plat du jour at the little cafe right next to my school. Perhaps it is slices of cold pork and beef with lettuce and cornichons, and wonderful zesty French mayonnaise. By the time my first class ends at 12:15, I am about ready to eat my arm.


2 Responses to “A proper french breakfast”

  1. Uncle Robert Says:

    Ahhhh, the simple things in life tend to be the most wonderful, a nice cup of coffee (sans milk) and a good hunk of fresh bread with some jam. What more could one ask for in the morning.

    Have fun enjoying the simple stuff.

    love, us

  2. sjmaaranen Says:

    This is a really great post. I felt like I was with you while I read it!

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