Un Bouchon Lyonnais

That’s right! I am in France! For the next few weeks Lyon is my home. A bouchon is a type of restaurant unique to Lyon. They serve hearty fair, heavy on the meat, and are usually run by women. My group and I ate a wonderful lunch at Chez Mouniers. You can order an entree, a main course, cheese, and a dessert, for the very reasonable price of 11 euro. For my entree, I had a salad with warm fried rounds of goat cheese and a light mustardy dressing. Then I ate cannelles, with are these long sausage shaped souffee type things with a pate of chicken livers, tomato sauce, and olives. I have never liked liver before, the the pate just melts in your mouth with the sweetness of the tomato and the tart bite of the olives.

 Then I tried a cows milk cheese called Saint Marcelin. I appreciate that in France cheese is special enough to carry the name of a saint. It was a drier, very pungent cheese, the kind that will wake you up if you starting to doze off after a huge meal. Before dessert, I needed to find the bathroom. The door was painted bright blue and marked “W.C.” It was tiny, so tiny the I smacked my knees on the door trying to get up. It is things like this that give a restaurant charm. I was too full to eat a whole dessert, so I split a lemon tart with my professor.


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