Potato Leek Soup

This post is brought to you by the color green, leek green to be specific. Do you believe in serendipity? Perhaps it’s too strong of a word for this incident, but with no real conscious planning, my friend Sean and I made potato leek soup, and through completely random additions of friends, crusty bread, musical instruments, and a cat, we had ourselves a pseudo-Irish fest on the eve of Saint Patrick’s Day.

The soup was simple, delicious, and improvised. Sean described it as “subtle, elegant, comfort.” We chopped 3 leeks, half a large onion, and celery and sautéed them in a large pot with butter. The easiest way to clean leeks, by the way, is to chop them and then put them in a bowl with water for a few minutes. The sandy dirt sinks to the bottom. We cooked the leek mixture until everything was soft. Then we added several chopped Yukon gold potatoes and let them brown a little. To this we added vegetable stock and water and let it simmer until the potatoes were cooked. Sean then ran the soup through the blender with a touch of cream. Sean seasoned the soup with salt, pepper, and dill. The boy has good instincts. Our friend Noah brought bread (raison walnut, and sourdough). It was a little old and therefore perfect for toasting, smearing with butter, and using to eat soup in lieu of a spoon. Noah also brought a banjo, a guitar, and Robby who plays the autoharp (as a Carter family fan I was quite impressed). Zack also showed up to eat our soup and do research for his thesis.

I could try to explain the rest of the night, the relaxed joy of soup and old-time music, but you kinda had to be there.


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