Relearning Breakfast: The Breakfast Burrito

Ah, the wonder of the breakfast burrito. The word burrito means “little donkey” and there is a whole world of burrito mythology out there. According to my Tex-Mex cookbook  the burrito was a conception of a man named Juan Mendez back in the old west of El Paso, Texas. He sold meals to workers, using a donkey for transport, and wrapping the food in a tortilla to make it easy to tote around. While the most breakfast burrito may be a bit more gringo-reffic, it hits a similar note. It is quite a shame that we have to chose between getting enough sleep and being able to eat a real meal in the morning, this makes the breakfast burrito a miracle. Let the angel of Juan Mendez sweep down and wrap some delicious breakfast staples in a warm tortilla. I made this burrito out of leftover fajita toppings. The night before I made two scrambled eggs with refried beans and cheese. In the morning I reheated the eggs and put them in a tortilla with the leftover salsa Camille and I made: avocado, cilantro, poblano, limejuice, olive oil, salt and pepper. The best breakfast I had in weeks.


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