These delicious little nummies are sort of the arab version if samosas. Some of you may recall a recipe for lentils for bad days, make those lentils. Buy a package of egg roll wrappers. They will be square cut them in half into rectangles. Put a little water into a bowl. Then follow the step by step pictures to form the sambousa. Heat a couple of inchs of oil in a sauce pan over medium high heat. Let it heat up for a while, you can test the heat by breaking off a tiny peice of egg roll wrapper and drop in the oil, if it sinks, then sizzles, and floats to the top then the oil is ready. Cook three to four sambousa at a time depending on the size of your sauce pan. Let the sambousas cook four about 12 seconds on one side and then flip them over and cook for 10 seconds on the other side. Drain on a plate with paper towls. As you cook them, they will start to fry faster so turn the heat down grandually so they don’t start to burn.

I make cucumber sauce for dipping. Grate half a cucumber and squeeze off some of the juice. Add minced garlic, a little but of salt, and plain yogurt.


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