The last giant zucchini of fall

I missed Tim’s birthday this year. Considering his birthday fell during the last week of classes before finals, food seemed like an appropriate gift. I wanted to cook something that would incorporate the things Tim misses about food at home. Something hearty, something with real fresh produce, something that would say “ Get the heck done with school and get back here.” I decide to make a variety of breads in cupcake form, zucchini, pumpkin, and banana, and send him a sampler to help him get through the week. When I went to the Root Cellar there was just one of our local zucchinis left, and the sucker was the size of my forearm. I swaddled like a baby on the way back to campus.

My friends Sara Jane, and Zack helped me hammer out the add-ins. Zucchini with sunflower seeds, banana with oats, and pumpkin with raw sugar on the top. SJ drew a little chart on an index card so I would not forget. I baked the majority of the night like a mad woman, the kitchen my messy laboratory, the smell of cinnamon, nutmeg, and brown butter permeating the entire house. I baked dozens of cupcakes and after the all cooled picked out the 12 prettiest, wrapped them in plastic wrap, and sent them to Tim the next morning. Family and friends ate all the rejects.


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