Chai Wallah

November is a tricky time of year, I am very burnt out with the school thing and I want to nest. Even though I am in a mild stupor I keep looking for ways to relax. Zack taught me how to make chai on a Tuesday afternoon. I have sense developed some unorthodox chai making habits which I am not sure he will approve of. To make chai you basically heat milk in a small sauce pan with whole spices, (I use a cardamom pod, clove, and a cinnamon stick) until the milk nears boiling point. Then you add tea and let the tea seep until the milk gets a nice tan. Then strain, sweeten, and enjoy. Lately I have been experimenting with tea, one of my favorites is this black tea that Tim brought me from a mountain in Spain. It’s very flowery, and sort of muscy. The actual tea has hunks of other stuff in it which I fancy to be some sort of lovely mountainous vegetation.


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