Cooking from A to Z

My friend Zack and I try to cook every Tuesday. I really appreciate Zack. One of the first times we spoke he told me about being in pre-school. At snack time the other kids would be nibbling on thier peanut butter and jelly sandwichs while he would be struggling with his chapati, honey dripping onto his hands. We bonded.  He says if we ever have a cooking show together we should call it “Cooking for A to Z” (Our intials, get it?) This particular episode is brought to you by the color orange.

Zack found a recipe for lentil soup that needed some spicing up. The recipe called for red lentils which are actually orange, then turn yellow during the cooking process and dissolve. I found this excedingly strange . Zack explained that this always happens with red lentils but despite the event’s constistency I still consider the dissapearing act abnormal and will be doing research. We then added the following supplementary ingredients: sweet potatoes, a russet potato,

 carrots, an onion, a combination of spices I did not write down straight out of Zack’s imagination or subconscious I am not quite sure which one, cilantro, yogurt, garlic, ( this was actually in the recipe, it said to cook the garlic and set aside, but the never said what to do with it) cheese, and bread for dipping.


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