Lentils for bad days

The first day of October I woke up with a serious case of the I-don’t-care-anymore-itis. Several hours into my normal up and at’em time I went to campus for class. The sky was so overcast with deep gray storm clouds it seemed like night outside. I did not go to my first class. I instead went and got a cup of coffee, which was bad because a) I was spending money and b) because I was skipping class to do so. I finished up a letter I had been writing and hatched as much of a plan as an apathetic person can hatch. Call Zora and encourage communal class skipping in favor of making lentils. If Zora did not agree I would march myself straight to room 41 for Afro-francophone literature. Luckily for me Zora did agree. I went to the Root Cellar and picked up lentils, an onion, a head of garlic, two new potatoes, and a tomato. I also bought an apple, but that wasn’t for the lentils.

When I arrived at Zora’s house we spent a while sitting in the dark in the living room chatting quietly as to not wake up the other divas that live there. When we moved to the kitchen I perused the huge spice collection, and eventually found what I was looking for: coriander, cardamom, celery seed, and cumin. We made the lentils and one by one different roommates trickled in to get breakfast, which included various strange and wondrous items such as chili with sauerkraut and pumpkin popsicles. I left with a belly full of lentils and one of said popsicles and a slightly better attitude. Here is how to make aromatic lentils for a bad day. Dice an onion and 2 or 3 big cloves of garlic and cook it in pot with olive oil over medium heat. And a generous teaspoon of each of the afore mentioned spices so they may fry along with the onions. At this point you can add a few small potatoes or a carrot for extra body but you do not have too. If you do, cook with the onion until they until they start to soften. Add about two cups of lentil and cover with water. From here on out the lentils will simmer until fully cooked, you may want to turn the heat up slightly. Add more water if all the liquid boils off before the lentils are done. The lentils are done when they are soft all the way through but not so mushy that all the skins are falling off. Then add salt and pepper to taste. The steaming hot lentils and good with a little something cold and smooth. I like cucumber and yogurt the best. On this day, in the presence of dairy-free people, we used chopped tomato.


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