Lonesome food

Despite contrary belief, cooking when you’re upset is not relaxing. Confining yourself in a room full of apathetic fruits and vegetable gives you no place to hide, and no comfort of friendly rationalizing words.  Did you ever read that book Like Water for Chocolate? I find the idea of the cook’s emotions being transmitted upon the eaters very intriguing. I don’t believe that the passion for a cook has for a lover is going to make an eater ride of naked on a soldier’s horse, but certain emotions do produce certain types of food.  Food made in anger is aggressive and confrontational. Happy food is subtle on soft on the palette. Food made from sadness or loneliness cannot be described so easily or with such delicious adjectives. Since Tim left I find myself raiding the sub-prime produce at the Root Cellar, saving somewhat spotty, but perfectly edible food from a) the compost bin, and b) horrible feelings cause by rejection. I decided to make some soup out of a recent harvest of slightly squishy yellow squash. I make soup a lot when I feel lonely; I think subconsciously I assume soup will cure any ailment, physical or mental. I sautéed the squash with onions, curry powder, salt, pepper, and a dash of chili powder. Then I let the squash simmer in 2 cups of chicken broth for about 15 minutes. I finished the soup with a can of light coconut milk and ladled some out for my two sisters and myself, and ate. Cooking when upset is not relaxing but at least I felt full, which is a bit of comfort I suppose.   bloggy 015bloggy 016bloggy 017bloggy 018bloggy 020bloggy 014


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