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Food with a face: tomatoes

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How to make a basic multi-purpose tomato sauce

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The last seven days of Gary Emerson Nichols

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Have you ever really looked forward to something so much that you let everything else go by the wayside? You stop caring about getting up on time, what you wearing, work, school, because you are over it. At moments like these we might feel frustrated, lazy, and predictable. But at these moments we are down to our bare essentials; we are the most ourselves. Meet Gary Emerson Nichols, newly retired and about to head out to Tin Cup, Colorado. I recorded his eating habits the last seven days before his retiring from the University Bookstore. Click on the pictures and see a man ready to get out and just be.

My Main Squeezes

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While Holly did have to order the sauce on the side, in the end all meals were conquered.


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Unidentifible Flying Breakfast Food

Unidentifible Flying Breakfast Food