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Missing you makes me hungry

Posted in Uncategorized on July 24, 2009 by aliaalafaireet

Today I sat alone in a coffee shop writing my friend Noah, who left for Argentina on Tuesday. I love Noah a lot, and missing him makes me think of avocados. Avocado and Kamboucha picnics in Peace Park, how he was in the habit of collecting the pits maybe to make a necklace, or contemplating whether eating enough of them would turn you green. But Noah is not the only subject of my gastronomic memory. When I think of SJ I think of a good cup of coffee and cranberry orange oatmeal cookies. And her strange aversion to the smell of blueberries. Whenever Tim leaves I remember our times in the kitchen making “peasant food,” and I think about making him dinner when I get real lonely

Noah in Peace Park

Noah in Peace Park


A dip and a scoop

Posted in Uncategorized on July 6, 2009 by aliaalafaireet

As of late when I walk down the sidewalks I image I am swimming in Finger Lakes. Lakes are not one uniform temperature. When I reach a shady spot I pretend I’ve just hit one of those cool patches of water, surprising and refreshing. Too bad you can’t go skinny dipping on the sidewalk. And after all that swimming/walking, what’s better than some Sparky’s ice cream. I like going with Tim. When I choose my flavor I do so solely based on my mood, Tim is very much about the aesthetic of his scoop. I don’t think he is completely aware but he always does something that interacts with what is wearing and whatever space we are in. TimatSparky'ssummer0816