Relearning Breakfast

There are a few post types that will recur over the course of this blog, and Relearning Breakfast is one of them. You can also look forward to Pop[t]art and Food with a Face.

This past semester of college I stopped eating breakfast and developed a mild, yet worrisome addiction to coffee. I made a lot of excuses for myself, I had to get up at 6:00am et cetera, et cetera. Now I don’t know how to eat breakfast anymore. It’s a shame really because I like morning foods, and while breakfast for dinner is an American tradition, waffles just aren’t the same when you don’t have bed head, morning breath, and don’t have to stop in to middle of eating them because your bladder just woke up.smashedpotatoscrabledeggs  Here are what I called smashed potato scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese. I made them with; you guessed it, leftover smashed potatoes. Here are some scrambled egg tips. Beat the eggs with a little splash of milk. I have no idea why this helps, but it does. Add cheese as soon as you pour the eggs in the pan, this allows the cheese to melt slowly and become evenly distributed throughout the eggs.


2 Responses to “Relearning Breakfast”

  1. My Dad taught me the same technique with scrambled eggs! Though I only use it sporadically now because I don’t eat scrambled eggs much. You know us Douglas men like our eggs over medium. 🙂

  2. I just re-read this and thought how much I’ve Re-learned breakfast. For breakfast today, I had Bao tsi (a type of stuffed dumpling. There a ton of different dumplings. And all of them are yummy!) and a cup of soybeen milk. Yep, you read that right. I actually have a couple of cups of soybeen milk (doa jian) everyday. I haven’t had cereal in about three months. It’s very expensive here. But, I really stopped eating it, because I eat like Taiwanese now. Cereal started to tasted “funny”… odd.

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