This post is not about the book

This entry does not involve the book, but its subject is still a very important one: tomatoes.  One of my most vivid childhood memories is of my mother ripping the plastic outer off my Disney character playhouse in order to use the frame to stake her tomato plants in our front yard. Looking back I am surprised our landlord allowed this, but that afternoon I was just plain mad. She didn’t even pretend to ask my permission! In time I forgave her. Seeing those little white blossom into little pear shaped yellow aromatic tomatoes turned out to be way more fascinating than pre-fab Minnie and Mickey.

                Over the past year I’ve worked a weekend shift at a local organic food store called the Root Cellar, and it’s brought me to a higher level of tomato appreciation. There are two major thing that bother me about how most people consume food a) people haven’t the foggiest idea where their foods comes from, and b) people expect their food to be uniform. A fruit that does not look exactly like its neighbors in the produce bin and is not covered with a thin film of wax to make it shiny it substandard. The tomatoes at the Root Cellar start out just red, but then we get yellow, green, purple, striped, speckled, whatever you like. And some are shaped quite oddly.  Being surrounded by these friends somehow puts me in a better mood for the rest of the week.


2 Responses to “This post is not about the book”

  1. nicki wootton Says:

    ahhh outer space tomato!!!

  2. Camille Campbell Says:

    Alia! That outer space tomato is CREEPY!!

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